Therein the insight of wisdom becomes the truth


Therein the insight of wisdom becomes the truth

Indiscrimination giving rise preciso violence done, induced or permitted preceding desire, anger, delusions; mild, moderate, intense; results con endless pain and ignorance; thus dealt with thoughts of discrimination

The truth from the insight of wisdom is with special purpose going beyond the heard or inferred knowledge of other concepts impeding the born and new impressions. And that too restrained, completely restrained is the state without seed, beyond duality.

Sadhana Pada Ascetic devotion, reflection of one’s self and total surrender to the BRAHMAM are the actions of yoga attenuating the afflictions puro contemplate with meaning reaching the state of profound meditation. These afflictions are spiritual ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and clinging/craving to life. Spiritual ignorance is the source of all the consequences whether dormant, attenuated, interrupted or fully active. Spiritual ignorance is asserting that which is non-eternal, impure, painful and corporeal for eternal, seppure, joy and incorporeal (asserting the transient for the permanent). The consciousness identified with the power of seeing as if of the same nature is egoism. Happiness leads sicuro emotional attachment. Grief is followed by aversion. All the same the intent attachment sicuro live ascends even in per wise man. These subtle afflictions are esatto be avoided by involution.

By meditation these afflictions are puro be silenced. The impressions of actions perceived and non-perceived is the root of all afflictions that we experience through births. As long as its roots exist the fruits are experienced con the different spans of life. The good and the bad actions are the causes and they che razza di into effect as the pleasant and the painful experiences. The enlightened indeed restrains the whole painful qualities of nature and fluctuations as he realizes that even the pleasant impressions can change into per torment of unhappiness, hence avoiding pain that is yet to che razza di. The seer identifying with the seen is the cause, so avoid it. Illumined, dynamic, inertia of character/habits, the elements, organs of senses and actions, essence of enjoyment/experience are there as means of emancipation of the seen.

For that purpose of awareness of soul aureola does the seen exists

Change sopra the qualities of nature is specified or unspecified, is manifested or not manifested, even tough of these cognizing ideas the seer is reliant, aware only of the nonostante. The seen, the nature having fulfilled the cause is destroyed (for the yogi), although per opposition puro the others have not disappeared for them being per the common objective level. The power of union of the nature and consciousness causes onesto perceive the true self. Lack of understanding (of the union of Purusha and prakrithi) of this union is the cause for spiritual ignorance. The absence of spiritual ignorance (vidya) dissolute the union taking the seer preciso emancipation (Vidhya breaks the link binding the seer onesto the seen).

The continuous discriminative knowledge is a means for the dispersion of spiritual ignorance, coming into the seven fold stages of awareness. Devoted practice of the various limbs of yoga diminishes the impurities of indiscrimination and the knowledge shines forth. Yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, Samadhi are the eight limbs. Non-violence, truth, abstention from stealing, continence and absence of greed for possession are the yamas. Beyond the finites of class, place, time and period it is the greatest of vows of the whole objectivity. Cleanliness, contentment, austerity, self-study and surrender puro the supreme self are the niyamas. Indiscriminative obstacles should be opposed with the knowledge of discrimination.

Non-violence when firmly established, hostility abandons the presence (of the yogi). When sadhana becomes firmly established in truth henceforth the results of actions also become firmly embedded con truth. When abstention from stealing is firmly established all the precious jewels of qualities accompanies. When celibacy (con moving towards the brahmam) is firmly established, you gain energy. Freedom from greed is firmly established the awareness of spans of lives unfold. Cleanliness of self, body and mind, censures outside unwanted contacts. With concentrated effort the senses are conquered, the mind is calmed, qualified with awareness of the self to realize the seppure consciousness. From contentment, unexcelled happiness is gained. Austerity diminishes the impurities of body and senses to attain divinity. Study of self leads sicuro the communion with the desired deity (the consciousness itself) Surrender to God (seppure consciousness), Samadhi is attained.

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